Living Room Makeover with Laura Ashley 

Our living room has been in desperate need of a mini makeover since we had Harry so I was delighted to work with Laura Ashley to make my ‘grown up’ living room dreams come true! You can read all about my full make over and the items I chose on the Laura Ashley blog

I was after some new lighting, some useful, and aesthetically pleasing, toy storage and an alternative to a side table. 

After a scout round the Laura Ashley website I found everything I was looking for! Say hello to my new living room items…

I’ve been lusting after the Pineapple Complete Lamp for quite sometime, I was just deciding which room to get them for as I think they would make lovely bedside lamps too. Our bedroom is ready for a complete overhaul so I may even buy the Pineapple lamps as a finishing touch for the bedroom when the time comes. 

I love the Pineapple lamp because it’s a really lovely neutral colour but also a statement piece for any space. It reminds me of a pina colada and who doesn’t love a cocktail in the summer time! So happy with how it looks in our living room. 

Toy storage has been on our wish list for months. I wanted something stylish that would suit our space and not immediately scream “there are brightly colour toys hiding in here”. When I spied this set of two Kubu Trunks, I was sold. They are perfect for our room – really smart looking but practical too. I also think they would work well in our hallway to store shoes, bags and post that needs filing away so I may even move them around. 

We decided to put our coffee table into storage to give Harry plenty of space to play (when I say “play” I mean fly through the lounge on his scooter at breakneck speed) which means that we don’t have a table for drinks and nibbles when we do sit down after Harry is in bed. I didn’t want to add more furniture to the room so the Cream Wooden Lap Tray is perfect. It has folding legs so can be used as a mini table or folded down as a tray – ideal for us. I love the colour too, a really soft cream that would go with any colour palette. 

Just a few new additions to the room has given it a new lease of life and somewhere we can enjoy a chilled evening in. 

Our house feels like a never ending project so I’m working out what we can do next. It’s bedroom vs bathroom makeover. What projects are you working on? 


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